Related Websites     JaeRan Kim’s  blog is a place to explore, discover, and think aloud about social work practice, research, ethics, theory, education and policy. – Sandy White Hawk developed the first Nationas Repatriation Institute to help American Indian adoptee/fostered individuals return to their Native communities, through offering advocacy,  unification of adoptees with people who have resources that can assist with homecoming, and provides education to social service providers of cultural traditions and values of American Indian families.   Trace DeMeyer’s blog is about all things adoptee-related – in particular American Indian adoptees who are called Lost Children, Lost Birds, Lost Ones and Split Feathers. This blog is updated regularly by journalist-adoptee Trace A. DeMeyer, author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE: A Memoir and the new book TWO WORLDS: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects with Patricia Berdan Cotter-Busbee. The only way we can change history is to write it ourselves…..and the truth shall set us free…    For Shannon Gibney, an African-American transracial adoptee, writing and activism are inextricably linked, since her work involves telling stories that are not often heard, and since all social justice movements need form (in her case, language) for expression. of course race and culture matter.”  This site examines the experiences of transracial adoption from the perspective of transracial/transnational adoptees through roundtable discusses and active commentary.